IT Support

As most businesses grow they quickly develop a need for IT support but are not yet at the point where they require (or want) a full-time IT employee. This is where we can help.

We primary work with businesses in the manufacturing and millwork industries that require not only support for their office staff, but network design and support for their production machines. Our clients range from ones that have a handful of workstations and a few Windows servers on premises to clients with hybrid set-ups where we monitor numerous servers located in Amazon’s cloud along with their 30+ workstations at their office.

We have found that as most companies start out the IT support responsibilities fall on that one current employee that has an interest in technology. However, as the business grows the support needs from other staff start to take up too much of this employee’s time and they end up unable to perform the duties of their primary role in the company. The company is not yet at the size where you can employee a full-time IT staff member but you do need someone to assist your staff in their daily IT support needs. For a flat monthly rate we are able to remotely monitor your server infrastructure, apply patches, and provide off-site backup for your mission critical data. And most importantly, assist your employee’s with their day-to-day support needs.

If instead of an ongoing support program you are in need a new server commissioned, a workstation set up for a new employee, your CNC machine connected to your network, or any other IT related project completed, we can provide a competitive quote for these one-time projects as well.

Let us handle the IT so you can focus on growing your business.

We currently have availability for only one more ongoing IT support contract. As we are a team of two we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best service possible to our clients which means limiting the amount of IT support contracts we have at any one time. All our clients have been with us for numerous years so once filled we likely will not have an opening for some time. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in having us assist with your IT needs.